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  1. Unclaimed Colabs

    GPT-NeoX-20B on Flax (xmap)

    The Flax implementation on TPUs currently has a slight performance regression relative to the PyTorch implementations. The comparison can be seen here. If you want to evaluate GPT-NeoX-20B for research purposes, please use the original GPT-Neox, Minimal PyTorch or Hugging Face implementations...
  2. Unclaimed Colabs

    OpenAI Whisper

    MIT License Model Card: Whisper This is the official codebase for running the automatic speech recognition (ASR) models (Whisper models) trained and released by OpenAI. Following Model Cards for Model Reporting (Mitchell et al.), we're providing some information about the automatic speech...
  3. Unclaimed Colabs

    Handwritten Text Recognition

    This tutorial shows how you can use the project Handwritten Text Recognition in your Google Colab.
  4. Unclaimed Colabs

    Making talking robots with GPT-2

    Making talking robots with GPT-2 This is a tutorial in using machine learning to generate realistic English text, in any style you like. It doesn't require any coding, and by the end you will have built a simple chatbot, using the state-of-the art GPT-2 model, and hopefully learned a little...
  5. Unclaimed Colabs

    Twitter Pulse Checker

    Find current sentiment on any subject on Twitter
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