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  1. Unclaimed Colabs

    OpenAI Whisper

    MIT License Model Card: Whisper This is the official codebase for running the automatic speech recognition (ASR) models (Whisper models) trained and released by OpenAI. Following Model Cards for Model Reporting (Mitchell et al.), we're providing some information about the automatic speech...
  2. eskayML

    Cheating in Marriage Detection Using Machine Learning

    I made use of a dataset from statsmodels(the affair dataset) to train a model which detects if a spouse is cheating DISCLAIMER: THE MODEL IS QUITE BIASED!!
  3. Sentigral

    Sentigral People Tracking and Counting

    Find all the people in a video, Count how many there are in shot, Count how many there have been in total (with no duplication when someone leaves and re-enters), and Track all the movements of all the individual people. Get the output as annotated images or videos, and as JSON metadata. Can...
  4. Sentigral

    Object Detection - COCO, Yolov5

    Identify all the objects in images or videos from 80 available common object types. Get the output as annotated images or videos, and as JSON metadata.
  5. Unclaimed Colabs

    Image Similarity

    Detecting similar images, e.g. for recognizing same person or duplicated images.
  6. Sentigral

    Heart rate detection

    Determine a person’s heart rate from a video of their face. Tracks up to four simultaneous faces and their heart rates. Also works for some animals with exposed facial skin, such as Elephants.
  7. Unclaimed Colabs

    Handwritten Text Recognition

    This tutorial shows how you can use the project Handwritten Text Recognition in your Google Colab.
  8. Unclaimed Colabs

    Twitter Pulse Checker

    Find current sentiment on any subject on Twitter
  9. Unclaimed Colabs

    Clothing image classification

    Classify clothing images
  10. Unclaimed Colabs

    Pneumonia detection

    Detect pneumonia from medical x-ray images
  11. Unclaimed Colabs

    Traffic Counting

    Counts the traffic on roads
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