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  1. Linaqeuf

    Kohya LoRA Dreambooth

    An advanced and flexible Colab Notebook to train Stable Diffusion LoRA model based on kohya-ss/sd-scripts training script.
  2. giswqs

    Segment Anything Model for Geospatial Data

    This notebook shows how to use segment satellite imagery using the Segment Anything Model (SAM) with a few lines of code.
  3. batuhandurmaz

    Keyword Similarty tool in Google Colab

    Here is a colab file you can use for the determine which keyword is similar in your keyword list. I created a python code in Google colab. With this colab file, you can give your keyword list, and get insgiht about the similarty ratio of this keywords. - First, upload your keyword list as a...
  4. flustercluck

    Camenduru's, EVERY STABLE DIFFUSION MODEL, and then some more!

    It really is the be all end all for me. https://colab.research.google.com/github/camenduru/stable-diffusion-webui-colab/blob/main/stable/berry_mix_1_5_webui_colab.ipynb But do yourself a favor before going to the first colab, and go to his github page where there are SO many.
  5. Unclaimed Colabs

    GPT-NeoX-20B on Flax (xmap)

    The Flax implementation on TPUs currently has a slight performance regression relative to the PyTorch implementations. The comparison can be seen here. If you want to evaluate GPT-NeoX-20B for research purposes, please use the original GPT-Neox, Minimal PyTorch or Hugging Face implementations...
  6. Unclaimed Colabs

    Alpaca-Lora (GPT)

    The Colab of this GitHub Repo: https://github.com/tloen/alpaca-lora/. After running the cells, a prompt box appears that functions like any other GPT.
  7. mim

    NY TAXI Analysis using DuckDB and Vegafusion

    Using DuckDB and Vegafusion to analyse NY TAXI dataset
  8. Unclaimed Colabs


  9. Unclaimed Colabs


    Colorization of Videos
  10. S

    Pre-trained google/flan-t5-xl model

    Run a pre-trained google/flan-t5-xl with just a few lines of code with very impressive result for such a small model. Contrary to ChatGPT which is not open-source, and needs a huge GPU cluster, this model can run locally on your PC or on an ordinary Google Colab notebook. FLAN-T5-XL is not as...
  11. H

    KoboldAI - An interface for GPT models

    KoboldAI is a powerful and easy way to use a variety of AI based text generation experiences. You can use it to write stories, blog posts, play a text adventure game, use it like a chatbot and more! In some cases it might even help you with an assignment or programming task (But always make sure...
  12. Unclaimed Colabs

    Making talking robots with GPT-2

    Making talking robots with GPT-2 This is a tutorial in using machine learning to generate realistic English text, in any style you like. It doesn't require any coding, and by the end you will have built a simple chatbot, using the state-of-the art GPT-2 model, and hopefully learned a little...
  13. Unclaimed Colabs

    StyleGAN3 + CLIP

    StyleGAN3 + CLIP 🖼️ Generate images from text prompts using NVIDIA's StyleGAN3 with CLIP guidance. Head over here if you want to be up to date with the changes to this notebook and play with other alternatives. The original code was written by nshepperd* (https://github.com/nshepperd), and...
  14. Unclaimed Colabs

    DALL·E mini

    This notebook illustrates DALL·E mini inference pipeline. Just want to play? Use directly the app. For more understanding of the model, refer to the report.
  15. Unclaimed Colabs

    Stable Diffusion

    Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image latent diffusion model created by the researchers and engineers from CompVis, Stability AI and LAION. It's trained on 512x512 images from a subset of the LAION-5B database. This model uses a frozen CLIP ViT-L/14 text encoder to condition the model on text...
  16. Unclaimed Colabs

    Learn to paint

    Teach machines to paint like human painters
  17. Unclaimed Colabs


    Generate High quality DeepFake Videos
  18. Unclaimed Colabs


    Produce dream-alike imagery
  19. Unclaimed Colabs

    Big GAN

    Produce photorealistic images
  20. Unclaimed Colabs

    Style Transfer

    Transfer style of an image to another
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